FEP Auditing 2020/21

It will be a requirement for all LWIC FEP audits this year to supply an ACTUAL year end nutrient budget, which accurately reflects what happened on the property during the 2019/20 season. (A predictive nutrient budget, such as those supplied by your fertiliser rep at the start of the season, will not be sufficient to meet this requirement).

Please note, while it is essential for those being audited in 2020/21, we recommend that everyone, even those not due an audit this season, update their overseer modelling for 2019/20 to ensure an accurate record of what took place on your property is modelled.

With the new regulations from Plan Change 8 and the Freshwater NES, it will be crucial to have this information recorded, and will also enable LWIC to get a more accurate reflection of the current scheme N load.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your modelling, please contact Hannah (022 0488 556) or Nicole (027 414 0456) from Irricon.