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Rules of Operation

As a shareholder in the Lower Waitaki Irrigation Company you must abide by the following Rules.

Operating Rules for the Irrigation season 1st July 2018 to 31st June 2019

1. All users to observe roster at all times unless otherwise authorized by the Race Keepers.

2. Any non-authorized taking of water will render the offender liable for discontinuance of water       supplied for a period to be determined by the Directors of the Company and or a monetary

3. Irrigation water flooding onto roads or neighboring properties is not acceptable. Shareholders that  cause flooding will have their water discontinued and further penalties will be
determined by the Board.

The Lower Waitaki Irrigation Company will not be liable for any damage claims arising from any accident caused by excess water. The shareholder will be liable for any damages and claims
caused by excess water coming from their property.

4. Borderdyke irrigation turn on and turn off times to be 8:00am unless prior arrangements have me made with the Race Keeper. If not requiring water, Race Keeper to be given 24 hours’ notice.
Turn out gates not to be closed prematurely without prior consent of Race Keeper. This is most important in the event of heavy rain as races decrease in size as they go downstream and could
4a. Spray irrigation water orders must be placed 12 hours prior to starting and stopping of pumps this can be done online between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00 pm or via email or telephone between the hours of 8:00am and 12:00pm. Weekend orders must be submitted before 12:00pm Friday. In the event of heavy rain contact the Race Operator prior to shutting down. (refer LWIC policy P10)

5. Farmers whose turn out or pump shed that is located on another farmer’s property shall have access to operate their turnouts and sheds.

6. Extra water may be available if consent is granted by Race Keeper.

Rates Note: All prices quoted are excluding GST

7.A. All users on restricted rostered supply to be charged $57.5 per ha per season. Based on 57.5 cents per applied ml or $5.75 per 1000m3.

7.B. Rostered supply allows 100mm application per hectare per watering.

7.C. Extra water available at $14 per 1000m3 subject to availability.

7.D. Spray irrigators 2018/2019 season = $53 per ha.
7. E. Commercial water price is at $9.69 per 1000m3.

7.F. Minimum charge $200.

7.G. In the event of heavy rainfall, we request that you do not shut down immediately to avoid races overflowing. LWIC will not charge for the extra water related to this controlled shutdown.

7.H. If LWIC fails to supply an adequate supply of water during rostered time, then we will not charge for any extra water for that roster period.


8. Fence maintenance is the responsibility of the landholder.

9. Where access fence gates have deteriorated by normal wear and tear the responsibility for renewal will be met by the LWIC at our discretion.

10. Cattle must be excluded from all irrigation races to prevent damage to race embankments and contamination of waterways. It is mandatory that all races are fenced with a minimum single hot wire on the embankments. Races may be grazed with sheep.

11. Noxious weeds including gorse and broom must be cleared by the landholder from all races on their property. The cost of removal is the land holder’s responsibility. Any noxious weeds inside the race are the LWIC responsibility.


12. Individual farmers are liable for any damage caused by trees in water races and pipes.
Please ensure you carefully manage your trees to avoid damage to the water races and pipes Please avoid planting trees within close proximity to races and pipes.

Grant of Easement

13. As a precondition of the supply of water by the Lower Waitaki Irrigation Company Limited (“the Company”) to prospective landowning Shareholders, the prospective landowning/Shareholder shall enter into and grant an Encumbrance Instrument over the Title to the land that is to be irrigated by the company. The prospective landowning Shareholder acknowledges that the Encumbrance is signed to protect payment of irrigation rates and also to provide the company with a right of access for the purposes of inspection and/or repairs and maintenance of any irrigation works. The prospective landowning Shareholder acknowledges that the legal costs associated with the preparation and registration of the Encumbrance in favor of the Company shall be borne by the prospective landowning Shareholder.


14. All run off or wipe off water should be retained on the irrigators property, or should be only let onto the next property in a controlled manner so it does not cause flooding or ponding.

Polluted wipe off water is unacceptable and should not be discharged off the property that it originates. ORC plan change 6A has deemed our races to be waterways and shareholders may be in breach of Regional statute if they discharge contaminated water into a LWIC race.

Irrigation Water Flooding

16. The landowner concerned will be given written notice specifying the problem and a date for remedial action to be taken.

If action is not taken by the specified date, water supply will be discontinued until the required action has been completed to the satisfaction of the Lower Waitaki Irrigation Company.

Our Company’s consent to take and use water from the Waitaki River is reviewed annually by Environment Canterbury. Any complaints from the public or local authorities will have serious implications on our company, as it could result in less water being available to all irrigators within our scheme.


17. Any change in irrigation type or upgrade of existing systems requires prior written approval from the Directors. i.e You may not change from border dyke to spray irrigation without prior written approval from the Directors. Application forms must be completed and submitted along with plans and specifications to the Directors or Race Manager for approval prior to commencing any new or re-development of existing irrigation. This is to plan for changing demands on the distribution network. (Refer LWIC Policy PO6).

18. There must be no interference with existing scheme infrastructure without prior written approval from the Directors or Race manager including the construction of bridges, crossings, alterations to drains and races.


19. Any drowned or dead animals in the race to be immediately disposed of by the farmer whose property the race is on, unless identified as someone else’s stock. The owner is to be notified and expected to dispose of same.

21. The Race Manager must be notified of any alterations or modifications to existing pump takes and screens prior to any such work being undertaken.

22. All Shareholders’ must have an up to date FEMP (Farm environmental management plan).

23. No effluent or fertigation is to be applied within 25 meters of any water race. (Refer LWIC Policy PO7).

24. Any shareholder taking stock water from an irrigation race must have a minimum of 3 days backup storage. (Refer LWIC Policy PO8).

25. Rules of operation may be altered from time to time at the Directors discretion

Race Keepers can be contacted at 431 7700 between 12:00pm and 1:00pm most week days or by cell phone. Ross 027 445 1123, Deane 027 453 6691 and Michael 027 220 2172 Admin office hours Moira can be contacted from 7.30am to 11.30am

Failure to abide by these rules will render the offender liable for discontinuance of water supply

The Lower Waitaki Irrigation Company have a number of detailed policies in place associated with the rules these can be viewed and downloaded on this website or obtained from the administration office at 126 Cameron Road Papakaio.