Good rainfall over the summer months has been kind to Lower Waitaki irrigators for a third year running with recent rainfall looking to set everyone up for the winter months ahead. The Scheme has run smoothly throughout the season with no major problems. Total volume used for this season to date is comparable with last year, still well down on previous years. It is shaping up to be an early close to the 2013-2014 seasons.

“Finally Waitaki Plan change”

“The long awaited plan change to The Waitaki River Allocation will be notified on the 12th April, this is an important time for Lower Waitaki as it may put some certainty in our future when Meridian Energy’s consents come up for review in 2025.The hearing is most likely to be held in 2015 but we will need to put our submissions in over the next few months, we will be calling on your support yet again, look out for more information on this topic. A combination of farmer submissions and company/ Legal submissions appears to be the most successful.”

Fish & Game

The Company has received a comprehensive report from Central South Island Fish & Game outlining the findings from last summer’s fish trapping program. The trapping program was undertaken as part of our Resource Consent conditions. Results from the trapping program indicate low numbers of salmon smelt within the Lower Waitaki Race Network, this is good news for the Company and the Waitaki salmon fishing fraternity .The Company are presently in discussion with Fish & Game in regard the future screening requirements for LWIC.


There will be various race shutdowns over the winter months in order for routine maintenance to be carried out, it is important that those drawing stock water to have a minimum of 4 days storage as a backup. Prior to race shut downs information will be posted on the Web site notice board, or you can contact the Race Manager for dates.


Spray Conversions

Another reminder to those shareholders contemplating changing from border dyke to spray irrigation, it is of the upmost importance that you inform the Company of any such plans for future development prior to undertaking any design work. The noticeable increase in spray irrigation does have an impact on scheme operation and changes or additions to scheme infrastructure may be required in some areas.